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A is For...

"My eyes, like darts scrutinise the congregation"


Eyam 1665, the village is in lockdown to fight the plague. When Hester the seamstress is wronged, she decides on revenge. Sometimes the quiet ones hold all the surprises.

A is For… is inspired by The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne which explores ‘naming and shaming’. During Lockdown I was drawn to stories of suppression and power. In times of confinement, feelings simmer and boil; a perfect time, I thought, to re-examine who writes the rules.

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Written by Jilly Sumsion

Directed by Ben Wilson

Performed by Nikki Patel (Hester) & Rob Peters (Jude)

Edited by Gabriel Stewart

Video and Artwork by Keira MacAlister (RocketParkArt)

If you are a Northern based writer, actor, or director and would like to get invovled, please email us at

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