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White nurse

Written by Abby Coppard

Directed by Keira MacAlister

Have you ever wanted to fall out of love with someone? After battling with her boyfriend Joe, Layla takes the plunge and visits LARC, a rehabilitation centre with a difference. Join Layla on her first steps to recovery, battling with Nurses and inner demons. An empowering tale of the blurred lines of love, addiction, hate and all things in between.

White Nurse toured the Buxton Fringe, Great Yorkshire Fringe, and Camden Fringe during 2019.


Layla - Aisling Lally

Joe - Mitchell Siddons

Nurse - Rebecca McGreevy


Writer - Abby Coppard

Director - Keira MacAlister

Producers - Abby Coppard & Zach Pierce

Designer - Millie Jessup

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White Nurse: Gallery
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