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March 2020

Our first Scratch Night was on the 3rd of March 2020, taking place in front of a packed house at Gulliver's. For more information on the pieces please see below.

March 2020: Text


Ashley Milne

It's the end of the night and emmy and maya don't know where to go next. queer anst! drunken courage! grammy award winning tunes! (don't sue me billie eilish)

Ashley is a theatre graduate and is currently doing a scriptwriting masters. You can check out her previous work at

BLISTERED was written by Ashley Milne, performed by Sophie Parkin and Emma Holtom and directed by Ben Wilson

A Model Girlfriend

Pearl Andrews-Horrigan

Muses make men. Artists would be nothing without their inspiration and their models, but whilst the stories of famous artists are told time and time again, much less interest is paid to the women along their way. In the era of #metoo, this play explores who is eploited to produce 'great art'.

IIf you’d like to read more about Pearl, check her website out here:…

A Model Girlfriend was written by Pearl Andrews-Horrigan, performed by Selina Helliwell and directed by Shannon Raftery

Party for Lost Souls

Andy Chaplin

Jackie got in a strop and threw her lollipop, Jude lives in a reclusive mood, but Brexit shifted their attitude. when everyone else is losing their awareness and sight and it feels like wrong is becoming the new right. Two familiar strangers reach out, to stop themselves feeling uptight.

Party for Lost Souls was written and performed by Andy Chaplin. Andy is an actor and writer who attempts to use a sort of-rhyme and almost-jokes, to explore everyday, kind-of remarkable invisible folks.

Denise, All Hail

Joshua Lee 

A play for the dowdy and the put upon, and what happens when they realise their own worth.

Denise, All Hail was written by Joshua Lee, performed by Alice Schofield and Nicholas John and directed by Shannon Raftery

Total Slag

Sophie Mitchell

Cheryl has been labelled the class slag, and she doesn't care, she likes sex and she's not afraid to admit it. And while the other girls are idolising YouTube wannabes, her role models are Rizzo from Grease, Eva Peron and Kat Slater in EastEnders. She wants to re-claim the word slag and live life on her own terms. But is Cheryl really as thick-skinned as she makes out, and can she really go it all alone?

Total Slag was written by Sophie Mitchell, performed by Sophie Parkin and directed by Keira MacAlister

Adult Children

Steve Timms

You can find Steve at​

Two scenes from Adult Children were performed by Maria Mora, Keith Thompson, Selina Helliwell and Alice Schofield, directed by John Klark and Ben Wilson


jerusha green

green began writing work at a 24hr play event in London, where they were asked to respond to a news article from that week. green was given a piece on the Manchester terror attack. The story she has written is a reimagining of a terror event - a love story set in the midst of an attack on Manchester Art Gallery

work was written and directed by jerusha green

The Cardinal Sin

Nick Maynard

What happens the morning after, when you can't remember how you got there?

The Cardinal Sin was written by Nick Maynard, performed by Keith Thompson and Nicholas John, and directed by Keira MacAlister

boyfriend stroke husband

Mike Heath

Families are complicated, especially when there's an elephant in the room. And when your daughter is as bright and inquisitive as troubled teenager, Liv, the truth is never far from the surface. Can Jani maintain the lie that Brendan is so determined to reveal?

Is it possible to keep secrets in a household where Instagram Live is only a click away?

boyfriend stroke husband was written by Mike Heath, performed by Maria Mora, Keith Thompson and Emma Holtom, and directed by John Klark

March 2020: List
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